The Fellowship has obtained a first look at DOCTOR WHO GHOST STORIES #4 from Titan Comics. The issue, which hits stores July 5th, is written by George Mann with art by Ivan Rodriguez & Dijjo Lima. The covers are by Simon Myers, a photo cover by AJ, and Fer Centurion & Carlos Cabrera.

The Doctor is back in the lives of Grant, Lucy, and their daughter, Jennifer! He’s on a mission to find the other three alien​ ​gemstones, siblings of the one that gave Grant his superheroic powers – and only​ ​Grant can lead the way! Following the​ ​gems’ trail through time, the four ended up battling the fearsome entity known as THE SMOKE, and​ ​freeing a world from​ ​the Harmony Shoal – reclaiming two gems in the process. With just one gem left to find, the team fell right into the laps of the Sycorax! Now they’re trapped aboard the Sycorax flagship, as a​ ​doomsday weapon begins to fire...!