Sneak Peeks: Action Lab Enterainment July 26,2017

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Writer(s): M. Goodwin
Artist Name(s): Michelle Wong
Cover Artist(s): Michelle Wong (Cover A), M.Goodwin (Cover B)

After losing everything she wanted to protect, Addison decides the fate of both her own future and that of the city, as Iris steps up to stop her. The shocking series conclusion.

Writer(s): Dan Mendoza & Bryan Seaton
Artist Name(s): Marco Maccagni
Cover Artist(s): Dan Mendoza, Marco Maccagni (colors: Daniel Massa), Colette Turner (colors: J. Skipper)

The battle continues as Lila and Ivan take on the giant, gluttonous witch who means to crush them. Literally.

Writer(s): Justin Phillips
Artist Name(s): Sean Miller (Pencils), Lesley Atlansky (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Sean Miller

It’s another day in Baker Elementary room 221 until show and tell is disrupted by disaster. Watson takes the opportunity to try and make friends but ends up questioning his current friendship with Sherlock Holmes as Sherlock is oblivious to his feelings. But when Watson is accused of stealing, Sherlock is forced to face something terrifying: his own feelings.

Writer(s): Jeff Dyer and Mark McKeon
Artist Name(s): David Brame (art), Juaquin Pereyra (colors)
Cover Artist(s): David Brame (Covers A and B)

Malady forces Ethan Sharp and his team of blackmailed doctors to use extreme and unethical interrogation methods against a rival. Meanwhile, Dr. Ramirez finds himself in the middle of a heated relationship with two super villainesses. A shocking truth is revealed about a doctor that will change everything!

Writer(s): Jason Martin
Artist Name(s): Marco Maccagni
Cover Artist(s): Winston Young (Covers A-B), Dan Mendoza (Covers C-D), Marco Maccagni (Covers E-F)

After team Vampblade’s first mission goes sideways, Katie finds herself a stranger in an even stranger land -- Blade World! Does this bizarre alien landscape and its inhabitants hold the key to her new dynamic with the blades?!