Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment July 5, 2017

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

The Green Hornet ’66 Meets The Spirit #1
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Bob Q
Covers: Mike Allred & Laura Allred (a), Ty Templeton (b), Javier Pulido (c)
Incentive covers: Ty Templeton (B/W art), Mike Allred & Laura Allred (B/W art), Ty Templeton (“virgin art”)

Another challenge for THE GREEN HORNET, his aide KATO, and their rolling arsenal, THE BLACK BEAUTY! On police records a wanted criminal, THE GREEN HORNET is really Britt Reid, owner/publisher of The Daily Sentinel. Reid and Kato have traveled to Central City to participate in the futuristic World’s Fair, to get the skinny on the “Newspaper of Tomorrow,” a device capable of predicting headlines before events happen! But isn’t that a dangerous power for the press to wield… and say, who’s that blue-suited skulker in the shadows?

Ash vs Army of Darkness #1
Writers: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims
Artist: Mauro Vargas
Covers: Tyler Kirkham (a), Reilly Brown (b), Mauro Vargas (c), Pasquale Qualano (d)
Incentive covers: Tyler Kirkham (B/W art), Reilly Brown (B/W art), Mauro Vargas (B/W art), Pasquale Qualano (B/W art)

“The name is Ash, but you can call me Mr. Williams!”
Ash found out the hard way that major corporations frown upon the dismemberment of Deadites on company property. Go figure! But a change in career won’t stop him from being The Chosen One! Writers Chad Bowers & Chris Sims and artist Mauro Vargas put Ash Williams exactly where we need him…in the public school system!

Doc Savage: Ring Of Fire #4
Writer: David Avallone
Artist: Dave Acosta
Covers: Brent Schoonover (a), Anthony Marques (b)
Incentive cover: Brent Schoonover (B/W art), Anthony Marques (B/W art)

Chapter Four: Phoenix in Flight
John Sunlight wants to light up the Ring of Fire, causing havoc and destruction all along the West Coast. Can Doc Savage and Amelia Earhart stop him in time? Catch the apocalyptic climax of Avallone and Acosta’s DOC SAVAGE: RING OF FIRE!

Gwar: Orgasmageddon #2
Writer: Matt Miner, Matt Maguire
Artist: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Covers: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer (a), Don Drakulich (b), Taylor Esposito Teen Heartthrob Photo Cover (c)

Thrown into the past by Mr. Perfect, our favorite "Scumdogs of the Universe" GWAR are fighting their way through time like a horde of insane drunken children, killing and defiling all in their path. Find out what REALLY happened in our human history and get the full story of GWAR's involvement in World War II, Aztec human sacrifices, and the sinking of the Titanic, plus meet the BRAND-NEW MONSTER with a name so foul we can't print it here and an appearance so obscene we couldn't draw it on the cover! Featuring story by Matt Miner, GWAR's Matt Maguire, and art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer and members of GWAR, this book is a gut punch of social conscience wrapped in a blood-soaked corpse and sprinkled with comedy dynamite.

James Bond 2017 #5
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Rapha Lobosco
Covers: Dominic Reardon (a), Jason Masters (b), Patrick Zircher (c)
Incentive covers: Jason Masters (B/W art), Dominic Reardon (“virgin art”), Patrick Zircher (“virgin art”)

BLACK BOX PART 5: "The Suicide Forest"
In the so-called "Suicide Forest" of Japan, near the base of Mt. Fuji, James Bond finds himself hunted by No Name, the nightmarish assassin. After narrowly escaping, 007 and Selah Sax find themselves on board a bullet train bound for the headquarters of Saga Genji -- in a race against Felix Leiter and the Americans for the "black box" of information that could compromise their nations.

Justice, Inc. The Avenger: Faces Of Justice #1
Writers: Kyle Higgins, Joe Gentile
Artist: Alexandre Shibao
Covers: Tom Mandrake (a), Alexandre Shibao (b)
Incentive covers: Tom Mandrake (B/W art), Alexandre Shibao (B/W art)

No man is above the law! When the FBI discovers evidence that incriminates Richard Benson in a brutal murder, the Avenger finds himself arrested and subjected to an intense investigation by the Bureau’s best agents! Now the Justice, Inc. team must spring into action to save their leader, and discover if there’s a sinister plot at play...or could the Avenger actually be guilty of such a heinous crime?

KISS / Vampirella #2
Writer: Chris Sebela
Artist: Annapaola Martello
Covers: Juan Doe (a), Carli Ihde (b), Roberto Castro (c),  Cosplay Photo Variant (d)
Incentive covers: Carli Ihde (B/W art), Juan Doe (“virgin art”), Roberto Castro (B/W art)

Rock ’n’ roll isn’t for the faint of heart. Jet-lagged, on the verge of recording a new album and stuck in the strange heart of Los Angeles, KISS are now up against an army of mysterious strangers who’ve kidnapped their old friend. Vampirella has her own problems stuck in a crime scene full of satanists with swords. Dragging her new roadie with her on a ride packed with demons and explosions big enough to throw Vampi and her band into a collision course with KISS.

Vampirella 2017 #4
Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Jimmy Broxton
Covers: Philip Tan (a) Javier Pulido (b) Cosplay Photo Cover (c)
Subscription cover: Jimmy Broxton (d)
Incentive cover: Cosplay Photo (“virgin art”), Philip Tan (B/W art), Jimmy Broxton (B/W art), Philip Tan (“virgin art”)

"The new status quo for Vampirella (with) a cool story with some terrific artwork!"  – Horror Talk Ever wondered what happens to your soul when you die?  Spent time pondering if karma is real?  Questioned whether there’s a greater power out there watching to see if we’ve been naughty or nice?  This month, Vampirella is your guide as all your existential questions are answered. Rudely!