Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment August 9, 2017

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

The Shadow Vol. 3 #1
Writer: Si Spurrier & Dan Watters
Artist: Daniel HDR
Covers: Kenneth Rocafort (A), Michael Kaluta (B), Brandon Peterson (C), Neal Adams (D), Tyler Kirkham (E-Sub), Michael Kaluta (RI-B/W), Brandon Peterson (RI-B/W), Neal Adams (RI-B/W), Tyler Kirkham (RI-B/W), Michael Kaluta (RI-Virgin)

For the better part of a century the Shadow’s sinister laughter brought the chill of fear to evil-doers – but in our modern times, the streets of Manhattan have gone largely silent. But he is not forgotten. Not by the people he’s saved. Mary Jerez, is one of those people. The Shadow saved her from a horrifying school shooting – Mary knows all too well what evil lurks in the hearts of men.

So when a horribly burnt man – incredibly strong and fierce, despite his terrible injuries— arrives under her care as a resident at the hospital – she believes she knows who he is, too. Is this mysterious man actually the Shadow – and with Mary’s help, will evil-doers again know what it means to fear his terrible justice?

Centipede #2
Writer: Max Bemis
Artist: Eoin Marron
Covers: Francesco Francavilla (A), Eoin Marron (B), Francesco Francavilla (RI-Virgin), Eoin Marron (RI-B/W)

Dale is on a hero’s journey, but it is not one for glory. It is for revenge. He has survived this long on his own, but now he has decided the only thing left for him to do is kill the giant monster that took everything away from him!

Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Dog Men #3
Writers: Jim Butcher, Mark Powers
Artist: Diego Galindo
Cover: Diego Galindo

Jim Butcher’s worldwide bestselling Dresden Files saga continues in this original limited series!

Having barely survived a confrontation with one group of supernatural predators, Harry must now face a swarm of wholly different beasts in the deep wilderness. The stakes? Solving the murders that brought him to Mississippi in the first place, the lives of hundreds of innocents, and averting all-out war with a mysterious government agency!

KISS / Vampirella #3
Writer: Chris Sebela
Artist: Annapaola Martello
Covers: Juan Doe (A), Carli Ihde (B), Roberto Castro (C), Cosplay Photo Variant (D), Carli Ihde (RI-B/W), Juan Doe (RI-Virgin), Roberto Castro (RI-B/W)

After wading through the weird, satanic waters of Los Angeles without a map, KISS finally finds some tour guides in the form of Vampirella and her band Witchkraft. While the two bands jam and work to figure out what’s happening to all of L.A.’s rock bands, KISS’ mysterious driver and the demons who run the record industry are unveiling their own plans.

Mighty Mouse #3
Writer: Sholly Fisch
Artist: Igor Lima
Covers: Igor Lima (A), J. Bone (B),  Igor Lima (RI-B/W), J. Bone (RI-B/W)
Aliens are invading Mighty Mouse’s hometown of Mouseville – but he can’t save the day while he’s trapped here in the real world!  To make things worse, Mighty Mouse and Joey don’t suspect that there’s a planet-level menace waiting to threaten our Earth too...and it’s not just the bullies who are after Joey!

Red Sonja #7
Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Carlos Gomez
Covers: Mike McKone (a), Ben Caldwell (b), Tyler Kirkham (c), Cosplay Photo Variant (d)
Subscription cover: Mel Rubi (e)
Incentive covers: Cosplay Photo (“virgin art”), Mike McKone (B/W art), Mel Rubi (B/W art)

The She-Devil embarks on a whole new adventure… across America! Sonja takes a ride with Max in search of a way back home, and discovers maybe our worlds aren’t that different after all...

Skin & Earth #2
Writer: Lights
Artist: Lights
Covers: Lights (A, B)

Skin&Earth is a story of a girl looking for hope in a hopeless world. Caught between romance and cults, gods and mortals, and just trying to find a good borscht, Enaia Jin is lead down a dark path by new lovers that reveal a twisted fantasy world and her own true nature. Set in a post-apocalyptic future where corporations rule, this adventurous tale of loneliness, deceit and self-discovery begins here!

Written and drawn by alt-pop phenomenon Lights, Skin&Earth ties directly into her next full length album, released in Fall 2017 on Warner Bros Records.  

Sovereigns #4
Writers: Ray Fawkes (main), Aubrey Sitterson (Doctor Spektor)
Artists: Johnny Desjardins (main), Dylan Burnett (Doctor Spektor)
Covers: Stephen Segovia (A), Johnny Desjardins (B), Denis Medri (C), Raúl Trevino (D), Johnny Desjardins (RI-B/W), Stephen Segovia (RI-B/W)

Because you demanded it! Tragg and Lorn return, but not even slightly in the place they’re supposed to be! Samson’s perilous journey across the dead Earth takes a fateful turn, and Magnus prepares to meet his destiny. Oh, and the moon explodes.

DOCTOR SPEKTOR PART 3: The story of the all-new master (and we use the term lightly) sorcerer Doc clashes with one tough pixie who’s come to collect – and then goes Dutch on a date!