Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment December 6, 2017

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Barbarella #1
Writer: Mike Carey
Artist: Kenan Yarar
Covers: Kenneth Rocafort (A), Joe Jusko (B), Joseph Michael Linsner (C), Robert Hack (D), Annie Wu (E), Kenan Yarar (F), Valentine DeLandro (G), Veronica Fish (H), Roberto Castro (I-Sub), Classic Risqué Variant (RI), Annie Wu (RI-B/W), Joseph Michael Linsner (RI-Virgin), Kenneth Rocafort (RI-B/W), Joe Jusko (RI-B Virgin)

Earth’s star-crossed daughter is back! When Barbarella wanders into a war zone, the theocratic rulers of Parosiaarrest and imprison her. A prison break is brewing, but now that she knows what the Parosians do to their own citizens Barbarella decides to make this fight her own...

Agent 47: Rise Of The Hitman #2
Writer: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Ariel Medel
Covers: Jonathan Lau (A), Gameplay Variant (B), Jonathan Lau (RI-B/W), Jonathan Lau (RI-Virgin)
As they travel across the globe on another mission, Subject 47 and his brother 6 begin to assemble their plan of attack against the Institute that made them who they are. A war on both their surrogate family of fellow subjects and a potential future spent as living weapons under someone else’s control. While Diana Burnwood’s new life in London has begun to blossom and her secret vendetta finds a new sponsor in the form of a crime boss all too eager to teach her new protege a few tricks how to get her hands dirty.

Red Sonja #11
Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Carlos Gomez
Covers: V. Ken Marion (A), Jan Duursema (B), Marco Santucci  (C), Cosplay Photo Variant (D), Maria Sanapo (E-Sub), Marco Santucci (RI-B/W), Jan Duursema (RI-B/W), V. Ken Marion (RI-B/W)

Their search comes to an end as Sonja, Holly and Spike discover the mysterious Hyborian expert Professor Wallace in the most unexpected of all places. The professor agrees to help rescue Max, but little does everyone know, the old man has a BIG secret. Could it be the end of the road for the She-Devil and her friends?

The Shadow / Batman #3
Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Giovanni Timpano
Covers: Michael Kaluta (A), Brandon Peterson (B),  Johnny Desjardins (C), Philip Tan (D), Giovanni Timpano (E-Sub), Philip Tan (RI-B/W), Michael Kaluta (RI-Virgin), Johnny Desjardins (RI-B/W), Brandon Peterson (RI-B/W), Michael Kaluta (RI-B/W)

Centuries ago, the Silent Seven put their hand around the world’s neck. They’ve never let go. From generation to generation, the famed invisible hand guiding the global economy, guiding progress, has been a clenched fist. But with their previous leader murdered in the street, who is currently at the helm of this shadow conspiracy, and how have they maintained their quiet threat for so long? Batman and the Shadow may not have the answer, but it’s a good thing Bruce Wayne and Allard Cranston do.