Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment January 17, 2018

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

James Bond: The Body #1
Writer: Ales Kot
Artist: Luca Casalanguida
Covers: Luca Casalanguida (A), Luca Casalanguida (RI-B/W)

As Bond undergoes a post-mission medical examination, he relays the story of his previous mission to the examiner. Each cut, bruise, and broken bone connected to a specific event of the mission. A connection is made between two people with different purposes: one to save lives, the other to take them.

Killer Instinct #4
Writer: Ian Edginton
Artist: Ediano Silva
Covers: Yildiray Cinar (A), Jonathan Lau (B), Cam Adams (C - Sub), Jonathan Lau (RI-B/W), Yildiray Cinar (RI-B/W)

Kim Wu, Jago and Tusk join forces to seek out the war-golem Aganos and the location of the legendary Lost Forge. Here is the only place on Earth where they can gain access to the Astral Plane—the dimension where someone or something is draining the powers of the Guardian Spirits. Kim Wu and her companions are unaware, however, that the Coven is tracking their every move, bent on slaying them before they can cross over.

Librarians #3
Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: Rodney Buchemi
Covers: Karl Moline (A), Jake Stone Photo Variant (B)

Hot on the trail of the sudden abduction of cult film director Sol Schick by his suddenly powerful assistant Orson Orville, the Librarians uncover the shocking secret behind the mystery they’ve been trying to uncover: In an alternate timeline where magic is used as a global weapon, a group of all-powerful wizards have set their eyes on our Earth -- and the invasion is about to begin.

Red Sonja #12
Writer: Amy Chu, Erik Burnham
Artist: Carlos Gomez
Covers: Ben Caldwell (A), Juan Doe (B), Pia Guerra (C), Cosplay Photo Variant (D), Andre Lima Araujo (E-Sub), Ben Caldwell (RI-Virgin), Juan Doe (RI-Virgin), Pia Guerra (RI-B/W)

Leaving a world of fast motorcycles and cold beer, Sonja returns to a more familiar setting of swords and magic and mead. At a nearby tavern she learns strange magic is afoot in this land, and a desperate priest is offering mercenaries some serious gold for a dangerous job. But something doesn’t seem right...

Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #5
Writers: Marguerite Bennett, Christina Trujillo
Artist: Maria Sanapo
Covers: Art Thibert (A), Maria Sanapo (B), Marco Santucci (C), Cosplay Photo Variant (D), Art Thibert (RI-B/W), Marco Santucci  (RI-B/W), Maria Sanapo (RI-Virgin)

As monsters and mercenaries clash, Sheena must race to prevent a war that could annihilate all she holds dear! 

Will Eisner’s The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #5
Writer: Francesco Francavilla
Artist: Francesco Francavilla
Cover: Francesco Francavilla
Incentive cover: Francesco Francavilla (“virgin art”)


The PULP-tastic conclusion of one of THE SPIRIT's most thrilling tales is here and has it all. Do not dare miss it!