Sneak Peeks: IDW Publishing September 19, 2018

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #1 (of 4)
Lee & Michael Allred (w)
Rich Tommaso & Michael Allred (a)
Laura Allred (co)
Michael Allred (c)

IDW Publishing proudly presents the rebirth of one the most iconic comic-strip heroes of all time, Dick Tracy! The All-American detective just made the biggest collar of his career, and it only cost him his job! But now the honest cop has packed his bags for “the city by the lake,” and its criminals better watch out! Reimagined for the 21st century through a retro lens by the superstar team of Michael Allred, Lee Allred, Rich Tommaso, and Laura Allred, Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive is a lock to be the pop-art event of 2018!

DuckTales #12
Steve Behling (w)
Gianfranco Florio (a)
Giuseppe Fontana (c)

Gladstone Gander takes Donald’s place on Scrooge’s next adventure! Will he prove to be a good luck charm? Plus: Scrooge and the kids meet Huge McDuck, another billionaire who claims to be a long lost relative! But can he be trusted?

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Silent Option #1 (of 4)
Larry Hama & Ryan Ferrier (w)
Netho Diaz & Kenneth Loh (a)
Netho Diaz (c)

“Silent Option,” Part 1 (of 4)! Following in the bloody footsteps of the smash-hit “Dawn of the Arashikage” story arc, living legend Larry Hama brings us the newest chapter in breakout character Dawn Moreno’s G.I. JOE journey—and her first (un)official mission as a JOE may very well be her last… and nobody will ever know. Because when Agent Helix is involved, the only option is the SILENT OPTION.

Impossible Inc. #1 (of 5)
J.M. DeMatteis (w)
Mike Cavallaro (a & c)

Join 17-year-old Number Horowitz as she and her team board a cosmic train called the Non-Local Express, riding across the quantum sea and into the Infinite Spiral that leads to other worlds, new dimensions, parallel universes and through time itself.  Impossible, Incorporated is the tale of a teenage girl with extraordinary abilities, seeking the truth about the universe—and her own mysterious past!

Sonic the Hedgehog #9
Ian Flynn (w) 
Tracy Yardley (a) 
Lamar Wells (c)

“The Battle for Angel Island,” Part 1. One of the greatest threats Sonic has ever faced descends upon Angel Island, home of the mystical Master Emerald, seeking to take the Emerald’s power and control the world. Can Sonic and his friends stop the attack on the island—or is it already too late?

Sword of Ages #5
Gabriel Rodríguez (w & a & c)
Lovern Kindzierski (colors)

War! It all ends here with the climatic conclusion to an epic two-issue battle! Will Avalon and her companions emerge victorious against the combined might of the Red Clan and the Templar Order? Do our heroes have what it takes to prevail?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #86
Tom Waltz & Kevin Eastman (w)
Dave Wachter (a & c)

“Battle Lines,” Part 1 of 3! The maniacal Bishop has his eyes set on destroying the Utroms and the Triceratons once and for all. The Turtles will have to use all of their resources to stop him… but new divisions between the brothers threaten to ruin the plan before it begins!

Uncle Scrooge #40
Carlo Chendi, Joe Torcivia (w) 
Giorgio Cavazzano (a)
Andrea Freccero (c)

“The Case of the Saucer Impostor!” O.K. Quack’s coin-shaped spaceship can shrink to the size of a real coin—and since Scrooge McDuck spent it and lost it, he’s forced to help Humphrey Gokart, ace detective, find it!