Sneak Peeks: BOOM! Studios November 21, 2018

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Writer: Kiwi Smith & Kurt Lustgarten
Artist: Leisha Riddel
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Colorist: Brittany Peer
Main Cover: Audrey Mok
Incentive Cover: Chynna Clugston Flores
Unlocked Retailer Variant Cover: Naomi Franquiz

  • There are certain things Brenda expects to find while hacking: money, secrets, occasional pictures of cats. She is NOT expecting to find a cryogenically frozen master thief from the 60s.
  • Mia is everything Brenda is not—cool, confident, beautiful. And utterly unprepared for the digital age. Despite their differences, the two will need to team up to find out what happened to Mia—and how to pull off the heist of the century.
  • Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten (Misfit City) team with breakout artist Leisha-Marie Riddel (Goldie Vance) in a story about felonies and friendship.

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Tyler Jenkins
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Colorist: Hilary Jenkins
Main Cover: Matt Kindt
Intermix Cover: Tyler Jenkins
Unlocked Retailer Variant Cover: Raúl Allén

The Black Badges are invited to the compete in the Badge of Champions—a gigantic secret convention where scouts from competing disciplines meet every year for a cut-throat survival course. The objective is to win—no matter the cost.

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Flaviano
Letterer: Miquel Muerto
Colorist: Jim Campbell
Cover Artist: Flaviano

When the kids come face to face with the Deserters and their leader, they are offered a terrible choice—turn on one another, and survive, or stand together against certain death.

Writers: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh
Artist: Dozerdraws
Letterer: Aubrey Aiese
Colorist: Maarta Laiho
Main Cover: Kat Leyh
Preorder Cover: Maarta Laiho

An ancient Greek goddess has kidnapped Ripley, believing her to be the source of ultimate magic power!  It’s up to the ‘Janes, Ripley, and some magic kitties to stop her from leeching all the magic from the forest.

Writer: Grace Kraft
Artist: Rii Abrego
Letterer: Mike Fiorentino
Colorist: Whitney Cogar
Main Cover: Missy Peña
Preorder Cover:  Lanna Souvanny

When Onion gets lost in the Temple, Steven chases off after him to make sure he doesn’t get hurt.