Sneak Peeks: IDW Publishing March 27, 2019

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Tini Howard (w)
Hannah Templer (a & c)

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are ready to take on the world—or at least LA—in this comic based on the hit Netflix series! When the unthinkable happens and the women of GLOW find themselves ahead of schedule, Sam ruins the promise of a wrestling-free weekend with… more wrestling! Robbed of blissful relaxation and forced to raise money to fund their way to the event, the GLOW team is less-than-prepared for their opponents: real gorgeous lady wrestlers. What could possibly go wrong?!

Disney Comics and Stories #4
Andrea “Casty” Castellan, Stefan Petrucha (w)
Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Xavier Vives Mateu (a)
Paolo Campinoti (c)

This month, we present two terrifying tales in two different ways! While traveling in the desert, Mickey Mouse and Goofy soon discover “The Secrets of Area 52,” while in “Eek!bay,” Goofy terrorizes Mickey when the latter just wants to get a good night’s sleep!

DuckTales #19
Various (w)
Various (a)
Various (c)

What new adventures will Scrooge McDuck and company get up to this month? Find out in another exciting issue of DuckTales!

Femme Magnifique: 10 Magnificent Women Who Changed the World (Black Crown)

Just in time for Women’s History Month, we’ve curated a one-shot selection of short stories from the critically acclaimed anthology, FEMME MAGNIFIQUE: 50 Magnificent Women Who Changed the World. Part mini-biopic, part salute to their personal icons, the subjects and creative teams include: 
MARGARET HAMILTON by Alisa Kwitney & Jamie Coe 
SYLVIA EARLE by Maris Wicks 
KATE BUSH by Gail Simone & Marguerite Sauvage 
MARGARET SANGER by Lucy Knisley 
HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON by Kelly Sue DeConnick & Elsa Charretier 
MARY BLAIR by Casey Gilly & Jen Hickman
HARRIET TUBMAN by Chuck Brown & Sanford Greene 
RUMIKO TAKAHASHI by Chynna Clugston-Flores
SALLY RIDE by Cecil Castellucci & Philip Bond

From artists to astronauts, from performance halls to the Skateboard Hall of Fame, the magnificent women featured in this single issue have one thing in common: they’ve shattered ceilings and continue to empower, educate, and promote equality.

G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte #2
Michel Fiffe (w & a & c)

While Stalker & Scarlett dodge downtown bullets, Baroness & Destro are cornered in a high-rise shootout. As the G.I. Joes circle closer to Cobra’s secret headquarters, an unlikely alliance in the battlefield of love is born. Can a dying Cobra Commander cling to his hate long enough to ensure victory?

Go-Bots #5
Tom Scioli (w & a & c)

The jaw-dropping conclusion to Tom Scioli’s epic tale is here! The fate of all Go-Bots hangs in the balance!

Punks Not Dead: London Calling #2 (Black Crown)
David Barnett (w)
Martin Simmonds (a & c)

In the spirit of awkward house calls, Fergie and Sid’s urgent quest for Fergie’s long-absent father finds them holed up in a dilapidated London boozer… where they meet some unwelcome old enemies and make an interesting new friend. Back in Preston, Dorothy Culpepper of The Department of Extra-Usual Affairs gets a proper wallop and Fergie’s mom Julie and kinda-girlfriend Natalie end up with blood on their hands. The spirit of ’77 is alive by night with power chords and psychic grenades in London Calling: “To the Faraway Towns.”

Star Wars Adventures #19
Cavan Scott, Nick Brokenshire (w)
Mauricet, Nick Brokenshire (a)
Mauricet (c)

Legendary General Obi-Wan Kenobi undertakes a daring mission for the Republic Army during the Clone Wars! Guest-starring Captain Rex!

Transformers #2
Brian Ruckley (w)
Angel Hernandez & Ron Joseph (a)
Nelson Daniel (c)

“Your life is yours to shape.” These words form the backbone of the Transformers’ society. But Cybertronian police officers Chromia and Prowl learn there’s a dark underside as they investigate the murder that’s caught Bumblebee in a web of lies and secrets.