Sneak Peeks: IDW Publishing June 5, 2019

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Marvel Action: Avengers #5
Matt Manning (w)
Jon Sommariva (a & c)

All-new mighty Marvel action continues here! As the notorious ne’er-do-well Count Nefaria threatens New York City, Captain Marvel, Thor, and Doctor Strange attempt to escape from their confounding crimson confinement—but will the God of Thunder’s strength be their undoing?! The nature of the Ruby Egress is revealed—you won’t want to miss it!

Star Wars Adventures #22
Elsa Charretier & Pierrick Colinet (w)
Elsa Charretier (a & c)

After losing the man she loves to a bounty hunter, Princess Leia embarks on a dangerous mission with R2-D2 and C-3PO in this exciting tale set just after The Empire Strikes Back!

Tangled: The Series: Hair and Now #3
Katie Cook (w)
Eduard Petrovich, Rosa La Barbera, Monica Catalano, and Giuseppe Di Maio (a)
Eduard Petrovich, Rosa La Barbera, and Monica Catalano (c)

It’s the final issue of the latest Tangled miniseries, but saying goodbye to Rapunzel and her friends has never been this fun! It’s a special art-themed issue as we present two stories guaranteed to fire up your creative spirit. In “Framed,” Rapunzel discovers how art not only imitates life, but takes on a life of its own in a very unexpected way! Then, in “Picture Perfect,” Maximus and Pascal unleash their inner artists—with unique and delightful results!