Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment December 11, 2019

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Dejah Thoris #1
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist:  Vasco Georgiev
Covers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Joseph Michael Linsner (B), Adam Hughes (C), Billy Tucci (D), Cosplay Variant (E), Billy Tucci Pencil Sketch (RI-B/W), Joseph Michael Linsner (RI-B/W), Cosplay Variant (RI-Virgin), Lucio Parrillo Pencil (RI-B/W), Adam Hughes “Risque” Incentive (RI)

“Barsoom has always been a dying world. Closer to death these days, perhaps.”

From DAN ABNETT (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Justice League Odyssey) and rising star VASCO GEORGIEV (Xena) comes an all-new vision of the Princess Of Mars! Dejah has been many things: Wife, mother, royalty. But now, she is a determined scientist, dedicated to discovering why her world is freezing, and which political factions know the secret of this global catastrophe? Experience glittering palace intrigue and visceral adventure in the new ongoing adventures of DEJAH THORIS!

Bettie Page Unbound #7
Writer: David Avallone
Artist:  Kewber Baal
Covers: John Royle (A), Scott Chantler (B), David Williams (C), Vincenzo Federici (D), Photo Cover (E), Photo Cover (RI-Virgin), David Williams (RI-Virgin), Scott Chantler (RI-Virgin), Vincenzo Federici (RI-B/W)

A mysterious, invisible enemy is closing in on Model Agent Bettie Page, and she doesn’t know where to turn or who to trust. Can she infiltrate and expose this deadly conspiracy in time to save the world? The Invasion of the Bettie Snatchers continues!

Black Terror #3
Writer: Max Bemis
Artist:    Ruairí Coleman
Covers: Rahzzah (A), Jorge Fornés (B), Eoin Marron (C), Eoin Marron (RI-Virgin), Jorge Fornés (RI-B/W), Eoin Marron (RI-B/W)
Black Terror’s trusty sidekick gets his own story!

Imagine being born with the memories of a life you haven’t lived yet, a life of crime fighting and adventuring, only to find out that no one believes you and, honestly, couldn’t care less. This is the story of Black Terror’s trusted sidekick...TIM! (It’s just Tim.)

KISS/Zombies #2
Writer: Ethan Sacks
Artist:  Rodney Buchemi
Covers: Arthur Suydam (A), Stuart Sayger (B), Rodney Buchemi (C), Photo Cover (D), Photo Virgin Variant (RI-Virgin), Rodney Buchemi (RI-Virgin), Rodney Buchemi (RI-B/W)

KISS and the teenage runaways battle their way out of New York to continue their quest to save humanity from the zombie horde, fighting off their undead attackers with a little bit of rock’n’roll and a whole lotta style!

Vampirella/Red Sonja #4
Writer: Jordie Bellaire
Artist:  Drew Moss
Covers: Julian Totino Tedesco (A), Babs Tarr (B), Lucio Parrillo (C), Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire (D), Drew Moss “Then and Now” Variant (E), Drew Moss “Then and Now” Variant (RI-B/W), Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire (RI-Virgin), Drew Moss “Then and Now” Variant (RI-Virgin), Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire (RI-B/W)
“Clearly... this is the work of devils.”

From JORDIE BELLAIRE (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and DREW MOSS (Star Wars), travel with us to ancient times, and uncover the mystery of how Sonja The Red, a young adventurer in search of a family, came upon a haggard witch, who would show Sonja times and places beyond her own…