Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment February 19, 2020

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Death to The Army of Darkness #1
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist:  Jacob Edgar
Covers: Ben Oliver (A), Arthur Suydam (B), Mirka Andolfo (C), Sebastian Piriz “Valentine” Variant (D), Mirka Andolfo (RI/BW), Sebastian Piriz (RI/Virgin), Mirka Andolfo (RI/BW Virgin), Arthur Suydam (RI/BW), Ben Oliver (RI/BW), Icon Edition Cover: J. Scott Campbell (RI)

An all-new series by RYAN PARROT (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/TMNT X-Over) and JACOB EDGAR (Red Sonja)! It’s been six months since the events of the Army of Darkness film... Ash is just trying to settle down and get back to his groovy ways. But dammit, DEADITE-POSSESSED strangers keep attacking him at every turn. Why is evil following everywhere he turns, and what happens when an awful splinter spell causes Ash to become... TEAM ASH!?
And, because it’s February, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special variant by artist Sebastian Piriz!

Elvira: Mistress of The Dark #12
Writer: David Avallone
Artist: Dave Acosta
Covers: Tom Mandrake (A), Craig Cermak (B), John Royle (C), Photo Cover (D), Craig Cermak (RI-Virgin), John Royle (RI-B/W), Tom Mandrake (RI-Virg)

The Witch Cult Saga concludes, and a surprise villain returns from Elvira’s past! (At least… it’s a surprise if you don’t look at John Royle’s variant cover...) The Mistress of the Dark can deliver you a climax like no other, and here it comes, in the twelfth and final issue of Elvira’s ribald romp, brought to you with joy, laughter and terrible puns.

Red Sonja: Age of Chaos #2
Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist:  Jonathan Lau
Covers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Alan Quah (B), Derrick Chew (C), Alé Garza (D), Shannon Kingston Cosplay (E), Kunkka (RI), Kunkka (RI/Virgin), Derrick Chew Monochromatic Cover (RI),                Shannon Kingston Cosplay (RI-Virgin), Lucio Parrillo (RI/BW), Alah Quah Sketch Cover (RI/BW Virgin), Icon Edition Cover: Gabriele Dell’otto (RI), Icon Edition Cover: Marc Silvestri (RI), Lucio Parrillo CGC-Graded Cover

Red Sonja is fully made to understand that her victory over Kulan Gath not only led to the invasion of her world by a whole new kind of evil. but may cause time itself to end... much to the delight of the goddess of death, Mistress Hel. Only Sonja can set things right — but what she needs to do so will cost her a bargain with Lady Demon, as well as a personal quest her ego doesn’t want to accept. Thankfully she has backup in the form of the half-vampire, Chastity — and a good thing, too. To fix the path of fate, Sonja will need all the help she can get! The AGE OF CHAOS continues here!

Vampirella (Vol.5) #8
Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist:  Giovanni Timpano, Ergün Gündüz
Covers: Denys Cowan (A), Alitha Martinez (B), Mark Beachum (C), Afua Richardson “Surprise” Cover (D), Mai S. Cosplay (E), Fay Dalton (F), Guillem March (G), Ergün Gündüz (H), Lucio Parrillo (RI), Denys Cowan (RI/BW), Mai S. Cosplay (RI/Virgin), Ergün Gündüz (RI/Virgin), Guillem March (RI/Virgin), Lucio Parrillo (RI/BW), Icon Edition Cover: Louis Small, Jr. (RI), Icon Edition Cover: Mark Beachum (RI), Lucio Parrillo CGC-Graded Cover

Remember our Free Comic Book Day preview, Vampirella #0? Want to know exactly what was going on there? The story comes full circle here, and you won’t want to miss it!Mysterious alien creatures secreted within the mountains of the British Virgin Islands capture Vampirella and transport her home to Drakulon just as Vampi’s best bud, Benny the Witch, is about to become a human sacrifice. Will Vampirella give up life on her home world to save yet another human? Will Benny be the guest of honor at a native barbecue?Also This Issue: Dynamite Entertainment commemorates the contributions of African American creators with a special set of variant covers from some of the industry’s top talent!