Dynamite Entertainment and Mechanist Games Team Up for HEROES OF SKYREALM Comics

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce an agreement with Mechanist Games to produce original comics based on their forthcoming Heroes of Skyrealm game.

Coming to iOS and Android devices in Summer 2016, Heroes of Skyrealm blends a core of team-based action RPG gameplay with an addictive towers-and-traps strategic layer, as a ragtag crew of sky pirates, steampunk robots, and arcane warriors fight back against an invading empire from beyond the horizon.

Set several years before the game, the Heroes of Skyrealm comic tells the story of Darius, a young magic user in the spacefaring Unbroken Armada. After a routine mission to Skyrealm goes awry, Darius is thrown into the battle of a lifetime - and uncovers a secret that will change this unfamiliar world forever. Can Darius' powers free him from the den of a pirate queen? Will the ingenious inventor Beth survive the coming war?

The Heroes of Skyrealm comic is a joint creative collaboration between Mechanist and Dynamite, with members of the game's production team working closely with the comic's creative team to ensure it ties in tightly with the game. The story is by game writer Edwin McRae, with scripts being provided by Rik Hoskin, art by Ilaria Gelli, and colors by Aditya Nugraha.

"Going into Heroes of Skyrealm, we knew we needed to recapture the character focus and world-building that helped our other games connect with audiences, while also making sure that it was easy to pick up and play," says Mechanist Games founder David Lindsay. "Comics turned out to be the perfect medium to showcase a new side of Skyrealm, an era before our heroes became the rebels you control in the game."

"This is a new kind of storytelling for us - and it's a big leap to let someone ‘borrow our toys'," continues Lindsay. "But it's been a great thrill to watch the creative team breathe new life into the world, and to make an adventure that really stands on its own."

Dynamite's Director of Business Development Rich Young says, "This is an exciting opportunity to be able to work with Mechanist Games and help them launch this amazing game, and further develop the fantastic world they are creating. This new series will give players a deeper understanding of the game and its world, enhancing the overall experience."

Look for Heroes of Skyrealm - both the game and comics - coming your way this summer! Comics will be available through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Dynamite Digital, iVerse, and Dark Horse Digital. Players can also unlock the comic from within the game itself! For more information, check and/or