Party Like it’s 1066

Tapestry Comics announced today that their first title Bayeux will be available in print this October. A 100% self funded campaign helped bring to life a retelling of the events that led up to the Battle of Hastings in the UK. Writer and creator Tyler Button is a former teacher and wanted to show that you can create dynamic and fun ways to teach history that students will happily engage and retain. Artists include Gerry Kissell and Amin Amat (Code Work Geronimo, Iron Sky) as well as detail work by Lee Xoper (Rock of Pages). This print cover version of this full color 124 page graphic novel will be available October 14th to celebrate the 950th anniversary of the battle. Fans can download a digital copy via Comixology  Print versions will be available at, Amazon, and more. Check out the trailer now at!bayeux/hf1ez.

“Readers will obtain more information via comics than almost any other medium. As an educator it just made sense to start working smarter not harder,” explained creator Tyler Button. “The battle of hastings set the stage for the Modern British Economy. The sweeping land reform created modern day England, for better or worse. This includes everything from the language, to trade, to the physical structure of the country. Understanding the past of the region helps create context for the UK we now see.”

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