Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment September 7, 2016

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from Dynamite that will come out this week...

Great Divide #1
Writer: Ben Fisher
Artist: Adam Markiewicz
Covers: Mike Henderson (a), Adam Markiewicz (b), Kyle Strahm “Homage Variant” (c)

In the near future, humanity awakens to the horrifying reality that the faintest touch from another’s skin results in agonizing death. The survivors isolate themselves, many driven mad by fragments of memories “absorbed” from those they’ve killed.  Two years after the “Divide,” a pair of thieves stumble upon the means to save their species.  But not everyone is eager to see the old world order restored…Includes a free song download -- mood music for the apocalypse!

Boo, The World’s Cutest Dog #1
Writers: Kristen Deacon, Audrey Elizabeth, Fernando Ruiz, Joelle Sellner
Artists: Tony Fleecs, Fernando Ruiz, Rob Robbins
Covers: Katie Cook (a), Agnes Garbowska (b), Tony Fleecs (c), Steve Uy (d)
Subscription cover: Photo (e)

The World’s Cutest Dog comes to comics! He’s Boo, the Pomeranian pup that’s become an internet sensation, and he’s ready for four-color adventures in his first-ever comic book! In this debut issue, Boo and his canine companions Buddy and Blueberry Pie create kitchen chaos when they can’t control their tummy rumblings; our favorite doggie becomes a “Boo-vie star” when he lucks into a Hollywood audition; and finally, Boo celebrates the birthday of adorable eight-year-old Audrey… but the party gets out of hand! Comic readers of all ages will love the whimsical, fun-filled escapades of Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog!

Evil Ernie: God Eater #2
Writers: Justin Jordan (main story), Keith Davidsen (back-up)
Artist: Colton Worley (main story), Cezar Razek (back-up)
Covers: Lucio Parrillo (a), Kyle Strahm (b)
Incentive cover: Kyle Strahm (B/W art)

Superstar writer Justin Jordan revels in the mayhem and madness of an Apocalypse on Earth... and beyond! Heaven and Hell unite on Earth as Ernie and his counterpart from Heaven, The Host, try to stop the Godeater from rising.  Meanwhile, in our back-up feature: the lead singer of metal band Last Ditch Bitch discovers her link to Mistress Hel... and the Dead Onez go berserk!

The Shadow: Death of Margo Lane #4
Writer: Matt Wagner
Artist: Matt Wagner (art), Brennan Wagner (colors)
Cover: Matt Wagner (art), Brennan Wagner (colors)
Incentive cover: Matt Wagner (B/W art)

Frustrated by his loss and his inability to bring down the Red Empress, The Shadow fears he might be losing control of himself.  He seeks out the advice of a friend, lest he slip further and become an agent of vengeance, not justice.  Finally, The Master of Darkness finds his enemy’s palatial lair.  Will The Shadow be able to infiltrate the sanctum of the Red Empress?  And what dark secrets await him there?