Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment October 5, 2016

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from Dynamite that will come out this week...

Betty Boop #1
Writer: Roger Langridge
Artist: Gisele Lagace
Covers: Howard Chaykin (a), Roger Langridge (b), Gisele Legace “Halloween Costume” (c), Fleischer Character Sheet  Variant (d), J. Bone  “Coloring Book Variant” (e)
Incentive cover: Howard Chaykin (B/W art)

The most famous female cartoon star of all is back – and Dynamite has her! All-new adventures of Betty Boop (with her pals Koko the Clown and Bimbo, natch!) by award-winning writer Roger Langridge and Gisèle Lagacé. Join Betty as she works at the Oop-A-Doop Club, dreams of hitting the big-time, looks after her old Grampy... oh yeah, and FIGHTS GHOSTS! (Betty was always ahead of her time!)

Army of Darkness / Xena #1
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Elliot Fernandez
Covers: Reilly Brown (a), Elliot Fernandez (b), David Robinson “Action Figure” (c), Michael Adams “Halloween Costume” (d)
Incentive cover: Elliot Fernandez (B/W art), Reilly Brown (“virgin art”)

You're Xena the Warrior Princess and your thousand strong army has fallen to an implacable and ancient evil.   What do you do?   You suck it up and summon the only ally who stands any hope at all of helping you prevent the end of the world.   Unfortunately, that lone man is the wise ass, ass kicking, time traveling, woman kissing, boom sticker known as Ash!

Boo #2
Writers: Sholly Fisch, Adara Sanchez, Ricardo Sanchez, Jeff Dyer
Artist: Agnes Garbowska, Shouri, Steve Uy
Covers: Katie Cook (a), Agnes Garbowska (b), Steve Uy (c)
Subscription cover: Photo

When the world’s most adorable Pomeranian pup comes to comics, the fur flies… sometimes literally! Join internet sensation Boo and his best friends, Buddy and Bluebeary Pie, on whimsical flights of fancy with this sensational second issue! What adventures of doggy discovery will Boo take readers on today? The world’s full of delicious scents to pursue, strange objects to explore, and new people (and animals) to befriend. Readers of all ages will be charmed by Boo’s delightful demeanor and fun-filled stories!

Evil Ernie: Godeater #3
Writers: Justin Jordan (main story), Keith Davidsen (back-up)
Artist: Colton Worley (main story), Cezar Razek (back-up)
Covers: Lucio Parrillo (a), Cezar Razek (b)
Incentive cover: Cezar Razek (B/W art)

The seal has been broken. The Godeater is rising, and there’s no place on Earth to hide! Critically acclaimed Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode) takes comics' most infamous killer, Evil Ernie, on a journey to Heaven, Hell, and beyond. Meanwhile, in our back-up feature: Liv, lead singer of Last Ditch Bitch, frantically fights back against Mistress Hel and the Dead Onez... while a beloved Chaos Comics character lurks in the wings!

Great Divide #2
Writer: Ben Fisher
Artist: Adam Markiewicz
Covers: Adam Markiewicz (a), Kevin Stokes “homage”(b)

Paul and Maria find themselves uneasy allies on the run in a world where any physical contact results in agonizing death.  But the bloody effects of the “Divide” may be the least of their concerns when they stumble into the crosshairs of a deranged serial killer and a group of “baredevils” who thrive on the danger of exposed skin. Each issue of THE GREAT DIVIDE comes with unique additional content.  Issue #2 will include a digital code for downloading pages to a post-apocalyptic adult coloring book, drawn by Markiewicz.

Homies #1
Writer: David Gonzales, Elliott Serrano
Artist: Andrew Huerta
Covers: Andrew Huerta “Wraparound” (a), David Gonzales “Wraparound” (b), Michael Adams “Vending Machine” (c)
Incentive cover: Andrew Huerta “Wraparound”  (B/W art)

It's time to go back to the barrío with the HOMIES! The surprise hit of the 90's is back in a brand-new comic book series co-plotted by original HOMIES creator David Gonzalez and "Adventures of Grumpy Cat" writer Elliott Serrano, featuring all-new stories and never-before-seen characters.
With art and covers by Andrew Huerta, HOMIES #1 features the long-awaited wedding of Hollywood and Gata. It's been a day that she has imagined for her entire life, but now Gata has to deal with everyone trying to ruin it! What will she do when she hears the whispers about Hollywood and his womanizing ways? Will the wedding still take place when everything that can go wrong actually does? Is Hollywood destined to be a bachelor for life, or will Gata finally get him to settle down?  It's a day that will be full of love, laughs and heartbreak. But for whom?

Intertwined #1
Writer: Fabrice Sapolsky
Artist: Fred Pham Chuong
Covers: Fred Pham Chuong (a), Fred Pham Chuong “noir homage” (b)
A murder. A mysterious league of protectors operating in the shadows. A legacy to protect. A city to save from filth, corruption and gangs. A girl who has to pose as a man to protect herself and her heritage. A young Kung Fu student lost in a concrete jungle he never chose to… Welcome to the world of Intertwined. It’s 1971 and for Juan Jin, life is about to become hell! He didn’t ask to be a hero. He didn’t ask to go to Chinatown. He only wanted to follow the way of Wing Chun, the Kung Fu style he masters brilliantly. But destiny had other plans for him!

The first ever Kung Fu Noir series starts here on the heels of its successful campaign on Kickstarter, from Fabrice Sapolsky (Spider-Man Noir, One-Hit Wonder) and hot new French sensation Fred Pham Chuong (who also practices Kung Fu himself)! It’s the creator-owned comic book series you can’t wait to read, even if you don’t know it yet. And it’s from the House of Noir itself, Dynamite Comics!

James Bond #10
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jason Masters
Cover: Dom Reardon

EIDOLON, Chapter 4 - MI6 is under attack from both hidden forces and Her Majesty's Government itself.  Why do MI5 and Whitehall want MI6 to be unable to defend itself?  Where is the terrifying Beckett Hawkwood?  What is EIDOLON?

The Shadow: Death of Margo Lane #5
Writer: Matt Wagner
Artist: Matt Wagner (art), Brennan Wagner (colors)
Cover: Matt Wagner (art), Brennan Wagner (colors)
Incentive cover: Matt Wagner (B/W art)

The stunning conclusion to the first Dynamite series both written and drawn by Matt Wagner.  The Shadow faces off with an unexpected threat in the dangerous lair of the Tong overlord, the Red Empress.  An epic battle pits the Master of Darkness in a struggle for his very life…one which he dare not win!  Eisner Award-winner Matt Wagner returns to both write and draw one of his favorite characters with pulp-inspired coloring by Brennan Wagner.