Sneak Peeks: Action Lab Entertainment April 3, 2019

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Writer(s): Art Baltazar
Artist Name(s): Art Baltazar
Cover Artist(s): Art Baltazar

What is the Mystic Amulet? What power does it possess? Only ONE worthy and pure of heart can wield this power. But as always, there is a dark to the light. A Yin to the Yang. A positive to the negative. Meet DARKSTORM! The evilest of evils. His mission is to destroy the worthy one before the other half of the Amulet is found!  The Evil Darkstorm’s search begins with… THE HERO SQUADRON! Looks like our heroes may have a Super Villain problem on their hands.

Writer(s): Jason Martin
Artist Name(s): Marco Maccagni
Cover A – Winston Young Cover (unlimited)
Cover B – Winston Young Risqué Variant Cover (limited to 2000)
Cover C – Zoe Stanley Variant Cover (limited to 1000)
Cover D – Zoe Stanley Risqué Variant Cover (limited to 1500)
Cover E – Dan Mendoza Cosplay Variant (4 random versions, limited to 500 of each, total 2000)
Cover F – Dan Mendoza Cosplay Risqué Variant (4 random versions, limited to 500 of each, total 2000)

The truth is exposed, and now the alternate Earth Katie may pay the price!! It's pure Vampblade on Vampblade madness!